Theatrical Trailers

Promoting your show on-line can be difficult. You want to post a catchy video on social media but you can't use scenes from the show without breaching copyright law. 

For seven years now 4Foot1Films has been working alongside various directors from Southside Players to create bespoke films that capture the spirt and essence of each production without using text or visuals from the script.

Contact Us if you want to discuss your show and how 4Foot1Films can help you promote it on-line with a bespoke film. 

by Paul Dagley
Produced by Daggers Productions 2018

With their new play about a haunted cottage, Daggers Productions' aim was to bring horror back to the theatre and so asked for a spooky trailer to set the mood. Using the directors specific ideas about sound and colour we were able to create the right atmosphere and were able to meet every requirement, even a last minute font change to match up with the posters. 

Bedroom Farce
by Alan Ayckbourn
Produced by Southside Players 2017

After discussing the themes and events of Bedroom Farce with the director we came up with the idea for these "Come Dine with Me" inspired ads. We set up these talking-head interviews and the cast improvised answers in character. 4Foot1Films then sieved through the conversations; found the links and connections and created these adverts from the footage. We also decided to add subtitles to these trailers to help combat the ever increasing habit of scrolling through social media feeds without sound.

William Shakespeare's Land of the Dead
by John Heimbuch
Produced by Southside Players 2015

While filming the Land of the Dead trailers we were lucky enough to have a cast member interview Christopher Eccleston, he took full advantage of his position and asked him about his time on 28 Days Later and requested any tips on portraying a zombie on stage. We used his answer as the audio soundtrack to the "zombie workshop" trailer. 

The Children's Hour
by Lilian Hellman
Produced by Southside Players 2015

For The Children's Hour we wanted to capture the feel of the 1950's School for Girls where the the play is set, so we used an aged-film filter and let the girls improvise mischievously in a school photo situation. 

by Tom Stoppard
Produced by Southside Players 2015

For the science heavy Arcadia we decided that the best preparation for the audience would be to attempt to explain the various concepts and theories that are discussed during the play, namely Chaos Theory and Newton's laws of Thermo Dynamics. This was 4foot1films first foray into animation.