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Promote your business on social media with a tailor-made film, designed alongside you to perfectly capture and promote your business or product. 

Advertise your theatre show and avoid copyright infringement. Commission a bespoke film that captures the spirt and essence of the production without using text or visuals from the production.

Two camera set up to perfectly capture your theatrical event. 

School, Community or Youth Theatre Productions. Music/Dance Showcases, Bands, Stand-up Comedy.


All live events captured, edited and transferred to DVD or Digital download. A perfect memento for your cast and crew. 





Add another dimension to your theatre production or band's live show with tailor-made short films and/or visual displays. 


Whether pre-recorded raw footage supplied by clients or new content created in consultation with the artists; we can provide tailor-made music videos designed alongside you to perfectly represent the ideas and image of your band. 



We take raw pre-recorded footage supplied by clients and create professional products. 

Short Films, Adverts, Sketches, Music Videos, Show Reels, Family Events, Weddings, Birthday Messages. 



During our "Make a Movie" Clubs, kids spend 5 days writing and staring in their own film using a mobile green-screen studio. With a screening at the end of the week and a copy of the film to download and keep.


Course Times 

Summer Holidays

Monday - Friday / 9.30am - 3:30pm

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