A new improvised interview podcast. Each week our host, Martina Minnow (played by Sabrina Luisi), interviews a Movie Director about their work. Except the guests don't know their name or the film they've directed until Martina introduces them. 

Along for the ride are our resident improvisers (Vicky Hawley & Rory Vieyra) who create scenes, clips, and cutaways based on the films being discussed. 

Steve Roe (Roger Rhinehart) is Director of Hoopla Impro. Hoopla have online classes, shows and jams starting in January and hopefully back in real life as soon as possible. The peak of his performing career was the GCSE devised play Vietnam! Death! Now! 

@hooplaimpro hooplaimpro.com

Russ Morgan (David Dynamite) is a London-based improviser that has learned from some outstanding Improv organisations including Hoopla, The Nursery, The Maydays, Northcoast, and of course BIP.  Russ is a founding member of Buffet Improv and hip hop improv team Track 96. He has performed across the UK and loves all things improv!

Rachel Lucy Smith (Diane Dynasty) Drama and theatre teacher by day, shaping the minds of future generations by sharing her passion for the arts. Actor and writer for immersive murder mystery theatre company, Play Dead London, by night. Rachel also co-hosts podcast You and Me 2020. She loves her dog Bobbi, all the music, and making gains in the gym.

Twitter: @starsbyRachel.                          Instagram: @starsagain

Ryan J Murphy (Charlie Boonsmith) is an improviser from London who has been performing since 2012. He’s performed shortform, longform and musical improv up and down the UK, including at the last 7 Edinburgh Festival Fringes, and internationally. Ryan performs in the Enid Blyton inspired show Bumper Blyton and improvised acapella musical Acaprov.  Find him eagerly shouting out answers at a quiz or whipping up a pavlova. 

Twitter: @RyanJMurphy

The IMDp Team: @improvmoviepod

Sabrina Luisi (Martina Minnow) is in Hoopla House team Michelle, acapella improvised musical group Acaprov, improvised musical narrative group Multiverse and long form team Buffet.  Sabrina is also an actor and writer in immersive online murder mystery group, Play Dead London. She loves Eastenders, refrigerated Curly Wurlys, and has three accents she uses on rotation in improv shows. 

Twitter: @sabrinaluisi                       Instagram: @sabrina.luisi

Vicky Hawley (Resident Improviser) is an improviser, comedian and storyteller who regularly performs with groups including Chortle Award winning Jericho Comedy, Edinburgh sellout Bumper Blyton, and internationally touring improv musical Multiverse.  Vicky is also a professional DM, the host of D&D liveplay podcast Vicky's World, and a regular player on Sasha Ellen's Character Building Experience

Twitter: @vichawley                                  Instagram: @vic.hawley

Rory Vieyra (Resident Improviser) is an improviser and Actor who regularly performs with Music Box Improv, Acaprov and The Inflatables in London and abroad. He also teaches improv with Hoopla Impro and performs in immersive Murder Mystery group Play Dead London. He loves Cinnanmon Buns, Dolly Parton and Ancient Greece. He know his impressions are bad but refuses to stop.

Instagram & Facebook: @roryvieyra

Steve Tanner (Producer/Editor) is Director of 4Foot1Films. He creates and edits video content for theatre productions and regularly collaborates with Hoopla Impro to edit their sketches. He runs filmmaking workshops for kids and is also an actor with immersive online murder mystery group, Play Dead London.

Instagram @4foot1films

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