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Regular Collaborators with 4Foot1Films Ltd


They accomplished an incredible job of rigging up banks of monitors and projections and managed the operation during performance with perfect timing, marrying up what occurred on stage to what was to be displayed visually.

Leigh Crocombe


The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning

Their trailer achieved a real sense of horror and fear. It was seen by more than 3000 people before the production had been performed and I am sure it was instrumental in the play’s success.

Paul Dagley

Creative Director, Daggers Productions. 

I sent them some hastily sketched storyboards. Somehow he translated these into beautiful little films that looked exactly like the films I had playing in my head! Finding a collaborator who has the imagination AND technical skill to help you get your vision just right is a very rare talent

Deborah Mason

Production Manager - Blood Wedding

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